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We know how important motivation is in helping you reach your goal and at Arch 8 Fitness we are dedicated to helping you achieve results!

We are fully qualified professional personal trainers and we will work closely with you offering support and guidance and tailoring a training plan personal to you.

Fitness is at our core and our owner started at a young age taking an interest in various disciplines from Weight Lifting to CV fitness. “I remember watching a bodybuilding contents as a child thinking how do they get their muscles?” Since then his priorities have changed from just building muscle to helping others improve their fitness and general wellbeing via fitness.

Our aim is to help you create your target and reach the fitness levels you want. We have a strong belief that achieving your goals starts with your mind. We will work simultaneously on physical and mental fitness helping you not only reach but exceed your expectation. Everyone knows it’s require a lot of training, nutrition, time and effort. Having someone on your side helping you through the tough times and celebrating the wins, really can make a difference.

If you have an hectic lifestyle, don’t worry we will work around your busy schedule and help you achieve your targets and goals.

We enjoy keeping our clients motivated and inspired by providing knowledge and practical techniques to achieve their fitness goals. But the most importantly showing you fun ways to enjoy not just endure having a healthy active lifestyle.

Our goal is to put you through your paces in an enjoyable but challenging way. The only real way to make a difference to your fitness level, is to push beyond the easy. The idea is to give you all the tools you need to ensure you don’t fail. By putting in place a strategic plan and providing direction to ensure your progress is sustainable and goals are difficult but achievable.

If you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or want to build some muscles, we can help with customised plans to ensure you achieve all you want.


Your first session is FREE, that’s right, to make sure a personal trainer is right for you, your first session is on us! Call 07766791134 or Email Us to book your first session today!



Level 3 and Level 4 In Sports Massage Therapist
Level 2 Gym Instructors
Level 3 Personal Training



Weight Loss
Muscle Gain
Circuit Training

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